We offer much more than a personalized design experience. From the initial consultation all the way to permit ready plans, we are truly a one stop shop for your design work and plans.

Our services include;

Land Development Proposal

At this stage we can review your site’s zoning requirements along with other site related elements to determine your building options. This will assist you in budgeting and assessing what you are able to build.


After a consultation meeting to discuss what you would like to have done, we will provide you with brochure floor plans and elevations of you project. Our meetings are deliberately low key to inspire creativity and an open line of communication so we can make your dream a reality.


Once your design is approved, we can then review and prepare your electrical layout. This will allow us to have a more in depth conversation about how your space will be used so we can ensure we provide the necessary electrical fixtures and components to meet your needs and the most current electrical codes.


We prepare the full construction drawing set and seal it with our firms BCIN # which you can use to get accurate pricing for your build and get construction under way. During this process we coordinate with the structural engineer, roof & floor layout supplier and your drainage and grading plan provider. In house we prepare your Energy Efficiency Design Summary form and the Mechanical Ventilation Design Summary needed for your permit application. Should you desire, we can take things a step further and provide you with a project managed file and take care of the entire application process from start to finish.


We can take your hand or CAD drawings, put them into our 3D software and render lifelike images of any room or elevation to assist you in visualizing your project. We provide different levels of rendering packages reflecting detail levels ranging from low, medium and high to suit each client’s particular need. Whether you’re looking for marketing materials, exterior massing, exterior lighting, a material finish/colour or perhaps an interior layout you’d like to see, this a priceless tool in turning your vision into reality.

Committee of Adjustments Documents

We can create some of the necessary documents to assist and contribute to your proposal when applying to the Committee of Adjustments for variances such as solar studies, site line sections and hydro line setback sections etc. Please note we don’t do the application process for you, we would work directly with a planner of your choosing.